Born in the late 80s in New York, Dina Nikocevic was always very much aware of beauty in all its forms. She was enamored with iconic supermodels of the 90s; Their effortless aesthetic, infused with subdued glamour and femininity was a look she idolized. In addition to those she admired in Vogue, every day women such as her mother, who have strength, tenacity and compassion for others, helped form her definition of beauty.

After eight years of experience as a makeup artist, Dina is now a part of the Sephora PRO Team working in San Francisco and New York. Her makeup style is an extension of the women she grew up emulating: dynamic and timeless. She enhances features to evoke the natural beauty of each person she works with and each of her looks represent a clear narrative of the contemporary, yet classic, woman.

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